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Not too long after I started this blog, I got sucked into tumblr and I’m a lot more active there than here. I intend to update here occasionally, but the majority of my rage and hate is being spewed over there.
So if you’re on tumblr, you can follow my personal blog at:

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And if you hate civilization I also run this one:

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So come on over and see me sometime.

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Not Quite Getting It Yet, Are You?

I recently joined tumblr to see what all the fuss was about and found a world of (mostly young), angry, intelligent folks with a better grasp of some political concepts than I have. Been learning a lot about privilege from blogs I’m following on there. One concept that has been commemorated in keywords is not exactly understood in depth, however.

That term is “human supremacy.” I see it on vegan and animal rights blogs. As we all know, I’m not a vegan. I don’t have the hubris to think I’m above and outside the food web. My problem with veganism is that it is based on hyperbole and not truth. At least not on deeper truth. In essence, the way that most people pursue it, it’s nothing more than another human supremacist cult, a cult of the death machine.

Being anti-civilization I’ve seen a few levels deeper than most people who are pursuing animal and ecological rights. Not eating animals isn’t going to change a motherfucking thing. Our problem is our entire culture, which is based on converting living things (animals, plants, rivers, oceans, mountains) into products to consume (i.e., dead things). Our culture is a cult of death. We worship the destruction of all. Until people pull their fucking heads out of their asses and stop looking at humans as the be-all, end-all of evolutionary existence and tear down this industrial civilization that’s destroying everything, all the playacting at being an eco-warrior by posting PETA pix of factory farms isn’t going to do shit.

Yeah, factory farms are torture houses! Our whole PLANET is a torture house. Separating ourselves from our plant and animal brothers and sisters by making ourselves separate from them, above them, outside the web of life and relationships that is the ultimate truth of our existence on this planet is nothing but the same old human apologist bullshit. More agriculture to support people who stopped eating meat in order to eat soybeans means more dead planet — 25,000,000 acres a year lost to salinization because of agriculture.

The solution? Less fucking people. A lot less. About 6.5 billion fewer. Don’t worry; I’m not saying we have to do it ourselves; our mother is going to do it for us if we don’t do it with pollution and industry.

A return to Stone Age technologies. Did you really think you can have all your toys and shiny objects without a global infrastructure of colonialism, oppression, genocide, theft?

A return to truly sustainable ways of living in harmony with the planet and all its inhabitants, not just the naked African ape with an ego problem that is our species.

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Endless Layers of the Shit Onion

Those of us who are aware and care know that 200 species a day are going extinct. This is anywhere from 100 to 1000 times the background extinction rate. This means (for those of you who don’t know) that human civilization is causing a mass extinction. It’s disgusting. It appalls me. It should appall you, if you give a fuck about anything other than your mind numbing job and the motherfucking sports scores.

So here’s this article in the LA times titled, “Humans Drive a Rare Salamander, And Themselves, Toward Extinction.” While I really appreciate that the writer got the extinction rates right, and that they care about the salamander’s extinction, what I don’t like is their humanocentric tone.


What do you care about some slimy, unprepossessing little critter in another country? Plenty. Or you should, if you care about yourself and your progeny on this planet.

Because the ajolote can regenerate lost legs, regrow heart cells and even fragments of its own brain. And if you don’t think that could have some application in the human biosciences, your own brain could use a tuneup.

Even if you don’t care a fig — or a Lompoc yerba santa, if you want a California endangered plant species  — about what becomes of any other species on the planet; even if you think (idiotically) that human survival isn’t dependent on the survival of the chain of creatures great and small who share our ecosystem; even if you think that not all the polar bears and delta smelts and ivory-billed woodpeckers on Earth are worth saving if they inconvenience a single human being; even so, you’ve still got some skin in the preservation game.

The very idea of the salamander being there for our benefit as people, for our survival, pisses me the fuck off. What about the salamander being there for itself? What about it being allowed to live without being exploited as something for humans to use?

Gah! People think I’m joking when I say we need about six and a half billion people to die off suddenly. I most certainly am not joking. It’s the only way the planet is going to survive.

C’mon Gaia, darling; where is your super-ebola when we need it? Fuck these entitled human supremacist assholes.

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Dickhead, Please

Why do you do it? No, really, why? Why do you insist on asking people’s opinion of something and then completely dismissing them when they tell you that you are being a white, colonizing, privileged, male asshole? Why do you do it every time? What makes you think that acting like a patriarchal shit and then ending your posts with a heart is going to win you any slack whatsoever?

Oh, and don’t get me started on your comment, “any time I’m being oppressive, you have my permission to call me on it.”

Fuck you! Yeah, fuck you in the eye! I don’t need your permission to tell you that you’re being an oppressive, entitled piece of shit. What you need is permission from yourself to shut your fucking mouth and listen to what people are telling you. Especially when you asked for their opinion! You didn’t like what they told you so you are just going to do what you wanted to anyway.

So why ask the question at all? Was it just to get people to reply so you could patronize them? Or is it because it was two women telling you that you were being a gentrifying fuck that you decided to dismiss their concerns?

I’m sure the POC in the neighborhood you work in will be really appreciative of the white savior riding to their rescue and cleaning up the blight in their neighborhood with your “Adopt a Block” program, run by your boss who wouldn’t even have a business in that neighborhood if it wasn’t becoming the next white hipster mecca.

Yeah, I said it, fuck you and the white stallion you rode in on, savior boy.

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I can hear some civilization apologists now: “24% isn’t THAT much. We can live with that.” Dumbass, that is 24% of the 10% that is left from the 1950’s levels. In other words, we were already down 90% of large ocean fish from 1950s levels due to “overfishing” (any commercial fishing is too much). A quarter of what’s left is a hugely significant number. Soylent Green days are almost upon us, unless we can find a way to eat our own garbage.

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Meet the Real Frankenberry

I shit you not.  This is the real deal. The lunatics in lab coats have now created a blue strawberry. The article’s from March 2012, but it is in no way irrelevant by being six months old. It’s rather quite illustrative of just how fucking crazy the world we are creating really is.

This Frankenberry (or should I say Fishberry) is not yet on the market as they’re still torturing — whoops, “experimenting with” — it. Naturally (pun not intended), the bottom line of this fucking batshit insane screwing around with billions of years of evolution is actually about money. If you read between the lines of this paragraph, drawn from the article:

How did scientists make it blue and why, aside from the cool factor? When scientists discovered the Arctic Flounder Fish produces antifreeze to protect itself in frigid water, they wondered what would happen if they introduced the gene that produces the antifreeze in to a strawberry plant.  They didn’t set out to make it blue, it just happened that way. Something else happened, too. They discovered the blue strawberry plant can withstand freezing temperatures. An important discovery meaning it won’t turn to mush when placed in the freezer. This means the strawberries could be stored longer, increasing their shelf life.

The boldface was selected by me. Because that’s the key to this whole miscegenation tango. It’s about extending the shelf life to maximize profit. It’s always about the profit. Long term consequences be damned. Cost to nature and whatever passes for humanity’s soul be damned. “We can make money off this, and look! It’s blue! We can market the FUCK out of these. Yeah, yeah, a small testing sample detected a fishy odor and taste, but the potential for market share is enormous!”

You think that’s not what they’re all really thinking deep down? It’s always about the profit. Because profit is the god they really pray to, even when they claim to do things purely in the interests of science. Because science is the religion of control that has evolved out of and alongside capitalism and they are part and parcel of the same wretched, abhorrent, repulsive paradigm — the one that says that civilization is supreme and all of everything else must be sacrificed in blood and pain on its dark altar. Because we can.

There is one thing I’m really grateful for: the blue color was an accident. They probably would have tried to slip these Fishberries right into the market without telling anyone at all that they have changed them because the labeling laws in this country are a fucking joke. At least the blue color makes them have to be honest about that one crucial bit of information.

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While this is a bit more extreme than the usual daily run of what women experience from entitled males, women experience shit like this — male privilege turning them in to objects — daily. Over and over and over again. Men feeling it’s OK to follow a woman down the street invading her space and making suggestive comments in front of her ten year old daughter; men “dropping something off” then following women to their homes despite being told to get lost; being followed slowly by men in cars making kissing noises and offering money. Oakland has feminist vigilante gang actions now. India has the Gulabi Gang. The system isn’t going to protect us, so we must protect ourselves.

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