Ecoterrorism is the New Black

While it comes as no surprise to me, a poll of 150,000 Canadians showed that one in two Canadians are worried about eco-terrorism.

All questions having to do with the demographic of the polled (among many other things) aside, reading between the lines of the rhetoric in this article in the Toronto Sun, I could see that the endgame really is in play. People are afraid to lose their comfortable, civilized lives. They’ll do anything at all to hold onto their privilege to live on a pinnacle while most of the world lives in excruciating poverty. No matter if the world has to die to support them, they would prefer it.

But Oliver broadened his attack to any anti-development environmental group.

“Their goal is to stop any major project no matter what the cost to Canadian families in lost jobs and economic growth,” Oliver said. “No forestry. No mining. No oil. No gas. No more hydro-electric dams.

“These groups threaten to hijack our regulatory system to achieve their radical ideological agenda.”

Though Oliver and many other cabinet ministers, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, seem to have softened their rhetoric since, the sharp language in which environmentalists are cast as “radicals” seems to have struck a chord with a considerable number of voters, the poll finds.

As a result:

  • More than half (52%) strongly or somewhat support the idea of having armed guards at all major oil and gas refineries. Again, support was highest for this among Conservatives (64%) and lowest among Liberal supporters (45%).
  • Just less than half (49%) of respondents overall agreed that environmental groups are to blame for illegal behaviour against pipeline construction. Here again, those who voted Conservative were far more likely to agree with the statement — 75% of Tory voters — while 42% of Democrat voters somewhat or strongly disagreed with it.

Three quarters of conservative minded Canadians in this poll and nearly half the lefty-liberals believe that they should have their power by any means necessary. Doesn’t matter if Tarsands is killing the boreal forest. Doesn’t matter that salmon are dying out. Doesn’t matter that there are brown and red people who are dying, whose ways of life are being destroyed. Just doesn’t matter. Gotta have that lifestyle. Gotta drink every last drop. And when it’s gone, I guess the last of them will just eat each other and the planet will sigh in relief as it dies too.

I’m cheering for the eco “terrorists.” They’re the only ones that are trying to stop us all from dying out, fish, fowl, creeper, crawler, flyer, floater, all the flora and fauna great and small. The only life we know for certain exists in the universe is on this one planet and we’re hell-bent on destroying it. Man the cancer, just fuck off.


About auntyfascist

I hate everything. I hate the government; I hate capital; I hate sexists and male privilege; I hate colonialism and racism; I hate fascists. I hate civilization. I hate religion. I hate stupidity, cruelty, misappropriation, manipulation, lying, fraud and hypocrisy. I hate you. I hate me. I hate every fucking thing.
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One Response to Ecoterrorism is the New Black

  1. astoichate says:

    Long live the moonscapes!

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