Shit’s Fucked Up and Bullshit

And then there are the brainwashed sleeping sheeple of the nation. Check out the fucktard that wrote this piece on DailyKos.

I am speechless at the tweet and what it represents.  Let it sink in your conscience once again:

Someone needs to assassinate Obama…like ASAP #DieYouPieceOfShit

That tweet has been RT’d over 300 times.  Over sixty people have marked it as a Favorite.  The kid has actually gained followers since she tweeted that.  I can only hope that the Secret Service and FBI are already contacting her and her parents, as we all should be contacting the Cincinnati Secret Service Field Office at CINCINNATI 513-684-3585 or the FBI via its tips website.  As is, ordinary citizens have already pastebinned  basic, openly, and publicly available information about her, including her school’s contact info, should you feel inclined to leave an overnight message about hope or give an early morning ring to the Principal.

The 16 year old in question supposedly has a right to free speech under the first amendment of the bullshit Constitution of this bogus land. She wishes someone would assassinate Obombya. Hey! I wish someone would assassinate Obombya! This girl should be my new BFF.

Obama is a fucking corporate sock puppet and a sociopathic monster, just like every other motherfucker that wants office in this corrupt capitalist society.

The assholes that are spreading this kid’s info around — when she’s a minor — in an uproar about her wishing dead the hypocritical, lying, murderous, war-mongering piece of shit that currently sits in the oval office are the ones that need to be checked. I hope Anonymous outs you scum on pastebin too. Hell, I’ll be sure to call your wife/husband/boss/kid’s teachers too, just to tell them what brainwashed fucking sheep you are.


About auntyfascist

I hate everything. I hate the government; I hate capital; I hate sexists and male privilege; I hate colonialism and racism; I hate fascists. I hate civilization. I hate religion. I hate stupidity, cruelty, misappropriation, manipulation, lying, fraud and hypocrisy. I hate you. I hate me. I hate every fucking thing.
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