Endless Layers of the Shit Onion

Those of us who are aware and care know that 200 species a day are going extinct. This is anywhere from 100 to 1000 times the background extinction rate. This means (for those of you who don’t know) that human civilization is causing a mass extinction. It’s disgusting. It appalls me. It should appall you, if you give a fuck about anything other than your mind numbing job and the motherfucking sports scores.

So here’s this article in the LA times titled, “Humans Drive a Rare Salamander, And Themselves, Toward Extinction.” While I really appreciate that the writer got the extinction rates right, and that they care about the salamander’s extinction, what I don’t like is their humanocentric tone.


What do you care about some slimy, unprepossessing little critter in another country? Plenty. Or you should, if you care about yourself and your progeny on this planet.

Because the ajolote can regenerate lost legs, regrow heart cells and even fragments of its own brain. And if you don’t think that could have some application in the human biosciences, your own brain could use a tuneup.

Even if you don’t care a fig — or a Lompoc yerba santa, if you want a California endangered plant species  — about what becomes of any other species on the planet; even if you think (idiotically) that human survival isn’t dependent on the survival of the chain of creatures great and small who share our ecosystem; even if you think that not all the polar bears and delta smelts and ivory-billed woodpeckers on Earth are worth saving if they inconvenience a single human being; even so, you’ve still got some skin in the preservation game.

The very idea of the salamander being there for our benefit as people, for our survival, pisses me the fuck off. What about the salamander being there for itself? What about it being allowed to live without being exploited as something for humans to use?

Gah! People think I’m joking when I say we need about six and a half billion people to die off suddenly. I most certainly am not joking. It’s the only way the planet is going to survive.

C’mon Gaia, darling; where is your super-ebola when we need it? Fuck these entitled human supremacist assholes.


About auntyfascist

I hate everything. I hate the government; I hate capital; I hate sexists and male privilege; I hate colonialism and racism; I hate fascists. I hate civilization. I hate religion. I hate stupidity, cruelty, misappropriation, manipulation, lying, fraud and hypocrisy. I hate you. I hate me. I hate every fucking thing.
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