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Dickhead, Please

Why do you do it? No, really, why? Why do you insist on asking people’s opinion of something and then completely dismissing them when they tell you that you are being a white, colonizing, privileged, male asshole? Why do you … Continue reading

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While this is a bit more extreme than the usual daily run of what women experience from entitled males, women experience shit like this — male privilege turning them in to objects — daily. Over and over and over again. … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Tuvalu …

This image hit facebook yesterday and no matter how many times I saw it, I just couldn’t get my head around how anyone with any sensibility or sensitivity whatsoever could allow themselves to be carried around like this. The sheer … Continue reading

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Incestuous Tentacles of the Beast

A friend of mine just send me this photo. It’s from the California State Franchise Tax Board. I’ve been driving a car for a long time. Several decades in fact. (Shut up; I know oil reliance is killing the planet … Continue reading

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