The quote in the bubble at the bottom cracks me the fuck up. Let’s examine it further, shall we? “A picture of such horror as should be unrealized anywhere in the civilized world.”

Where do I begin with that? Hmm. Let’s see … Oh, yes — THIS is what “civilization” is! It’s what it does! It enslaves. It kills. It lays waste. It completely destroys life and love and everything worthwhile. The US is number one in prisons because we’re number one in civilization.

Fuck civilization. Fuck the US. Fuck imperialism. And if you are a civilization addict or apologist, fuck you, too.

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Fuck Humanocentrism

I hate to break it to you, kids; but the whole human experiment has ended in disaster for the planet. Hey hey! Ho ho! The human race has got to go!

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Meanwhile, in Tuvalu …

This image hit facebook yesterday and no matter how many times I saw it, I just couldn’t get my head around how anyone with any sensibility or sensitivity whatsoever could allow themselves to be carried around like this. The sheer mass of complete colonialist wrongness just would not fit into my comprehension.

I find myself still to be without adequate words. This is just that appalling. And the MSM fluff being spewed about the event is the saccharine icing on an extremely putrid cake.

Just for example.

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I Do Not Think that Word Means What You Think It Means


Yeah. I hear a whole lot of motherfuckers throw this word around, but I don’t see a whole lot of motherfuckers walking the talk.

Solidarity is not throwing a hissy fit because people didn’t come to a march that was important to you because they were at another action that was important to them. That solidarity goes both ways. You got to cut your comrades some slack because sometimes it’s not all about you. It’s about everyone and everyone has different interests and needs. We’re all fighting the System, brothers and sisters and all those in between. We all fight in different ways. We don’t all have to have a group mind thing going on. And then blowing up Twitter and Facebook after with all the rage and ranting about shit that has nothing to do with what solidarity is, and everything to do with acting like an angry child.

Solidarity is not using your white privilege to try to get a trip somewhere while misappropriating the pain of a family of color and their cause and wrapping yourself in their banner like you had a right to do it. That’s bullshit, that’s what that is. This is why a lot of POC activists don’t want to work with white activists. It would have looked so much better if you’d tried to raise money for a POC to go on that trip instead of you. That is what solidarity is. And what being a good ally is.

Solidarity is not turning your back on someone who has opened their home to you, lived with you like a family member, had your back in actions and spent half the night waiting for you to be released from jail because someone who has demonstrated malice and betrayal repeatedly claims that the person is a danger to you because they are another color than you. That’s not solidarity. That’s tragedy.

Solidarity is not getting close to people and then ripping them off. And then acting like it never happened and expecting you to do the same because nobody feels safe calling anyone out on their bad behavior. Because hardly anyone in the community seems to understand what solidarity really is. The word is just a brand-name overlaid the same shallow American relationships.

We’re so fucking broken. Every last one of us. The world we live in is utterly insane. It affects us all with the cognitive dissonance, the paranoia, the fear, the mistrust, the self-isolation and the isolation of others. Asleep or awake, slumbering slave or rampant rioter, we are all full of rage. And despair. Hate of the self and of the other. It makes it so difficult to have real human relationships. And can we honestly say we even know what a real human relationship looks like? What we live in now is so warped and twisted, I don’t think it’s possible for beauty to fully flourish, in any realm. No matter how happy we find ourselves from time to time, it is the most fleeting emotion of all. The hardest to hold on to.

Take your solidarity where you find it and treasure it if you do. And protect it with everything you have, because it’s rare and precious and worth defending.

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Incestuous Tentacles of the Beast

A friend of mine just send me this photo. It’s from the California State Franchise Tax Board.

I’ve been driving a car for a long time. Several decades in fact. (Shut up; I know oil reliance is killing the planet — there will be a post in the near future about why “Stop Driving” is idiotic and not going to fix anything, much like “being Green” is just another way to assuage one’s conscience without actually doing anything to change anything).

In the way back — the old days of yore, when I was young and hadn’t yet learned how to avoid pig radar reflexively — I’d had tickets and stuff. I’ve always been lucky enough to be able to pay for them, or at least go to court and get them reduced or dismissed. Not everyone is, especially in this day and age, when the bottom is falling out from under the proletariat and the oligarchy is shitting on our heads from their smug castles in the sky.

But I do know that the way things used to be done if you couldn’t pay your registration or tickets was that you simply couldn’t register your car when it next came due until and unless the extortion — excuse me, debt — was paid off. And that was bad. If you didn’t have a current registration sticker, you could be ticketed. Which would send you right back into the spiral of being unable to pay rent or for food for your kids in order to get the Man off your back so you can still get to your mind-numbingly stupid, empty job to keep making the rich richer, just so you can survive and keep running in place. That rut is getting deep enough to hang posters, isn’t it?

Apparently, that wasn’t good enough for DMV. Or the state. The fact that the Governator increased registration taxes to pay for a budget deficit that his cigar-puffing ass had a hand in causing in the first place, increased taxes that unfairly fell to burden those that need that money in their pockets most is one of the many factors that is preventing people from being able to pay for the privilege (read: necessity) of driving in this car culture. A lot of people absolutely have to drive to survive.

What bothers me most about this is that these debts are being collected through the Franchise Tax Board, a bureaucracy that collects personal income tax as well as business taxes. To find out that they’ve also become a collection agency in the name of the state is disquieting to say the least. What’s next, are they going to start collecting credit card debt? Collecting for past-due AT&T accounts? Hospital bills?

It’s bad enough there is a State at all; it’s bad enough that we have to pay taxes in order to just live, have to work at labor we hate to survive — but now the State is going to take your shit if you don’t pay your bills. Funny how the State is also supposed to collect child support but doesn’t really do anything to do so and deadbeat parents are driving around in their expensive cars while owing tens of thousands to their children. The State only cares about taking money from the poor to feed to the rich and fuck the people who really need the money to stay alive.

Fuck the State and its bullshit. Tear it all down. End civ now.

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Ecoterrorism is the New Black

While it comes as no surprise to me, a poll of 150,000 Canadians showed that one in two Canadians are worried about eco-terrorism.

All questions having to do with the demographic of the polled (among many other things) aside, reading between the lines of the rhetoric in this article in the Toronto Sun, I could see that the endgame really is in play. People are afraid to lose their comfortable, civilized lives. They’ll do anything at all to hold onto their privilege to live on a pinnacle while most of the world lives in excruciating poverty. No matter if the world has to die to support them, they would prefer it.

But Oliver broadened his attack to any anti-development environmental group.

“Their goal is to stop any major project no matter what the cost to Canadian families in lost jobs and economic growth,” Oliver said. “No forestry. No mining. No oil. No gas. No more hydro-electric dams.

“These groups threaten to hijack our regulatory system to achieve their radical ideological agenda.”

Though Oliver and many other cabinet ministers, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, seem to have softened their rhetoric since, the sharp language in which environmentalists are cast as “radicals” seems to have struck a chord with a considerable number of voters, the poll finds.

As a result:

  • More than half (52%) strongly or somewhat support the idea of having armed guards at all major oil and gas refineries. Again, support was highest for this among Conservatives (64%) and lowest among Liberal supporters (45%).
  • Just less than half (49%) of respondents overall agreed that environmental groups are to blame for illegal behaviour against pipeline construction. Here again, those who voted Conservative were far more likely to agree with the statement — 75% of Tory voters — while 42% of Democrat voters somewhat or strongly disagreed with it.

Three quarters of conservative minded Canadians in this poll and nearly half the lefty-liberals believe that they should have their power by any means necessary. Doesn’t matter if Tarsands is killing the boreal forest. Doesn’t matter that salmon are dying out. Doesn’t matter that there are brown and red people who are dying, whose ways of life are being destroyed. Just doesn’t matter. Gotta have that lifestyle. Gotta drink every last drop. And when it’s gone, I guess the last of them will just eat each other and the planet will sigh in relief as it dies too.

I’m cheering for the eco “terrorists.” They’re the only ones that are trying to stop us all from dying out, fish, fowl, creeper, crawler, flyer, floater, all the flora and fauna great and small. The only life we know for certain exists in the universe is on this one planet and we’re hell-bent on destroying it. Man the cancer, just fuck off.

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You! Hey! You!

Wake the fuck up already!

No, really. I mean it. Wake the fuck up.

I’m not talking to my comrades who know how bad the world is fucked, because of the systems of power. I’m talking to you, the “Average Joe” or “Average Jane” who happened to stumble into this place.

Do you know why I hate this time of year? It’s election time. It’s when all the dumb motherfuckers like you buy into the false dichotomy of the corporatocracy and choose between the “lesser of two evils.” Hey! You! Yes, you! You don’t have to choose evil at all!

Aren’t you sick of working at some mind numbingly stupid, boring, useless job to make some dick in a stuffed shirt richer? Aren’t you sick of having to pay to live? Aren’t you sick of the environment being destroyed and the hate fuck of the planet that is being done in the name of profit — making the stuffed shirt overlords of your stuffed shirt boss even richer? If you’re a woman, aren’t you sick of being unable to walk down the street without having to be aware of everything around you like a hunted animal?

Why are you putting up with this?

Why are you putting up with this?

Why are you putting up with this?

Fuck all this shit!

There are other ways to live.

But you know what? No amount of being Green will help us. There are too damned many people for the planet to support without the false labor of the invisible slaves of petroleum. And the oil is running out. What are you going to eat when the oil runs out and the dead earth can’t support food anymore without petroleum-based fertilizers? What are you going to breathe when the air is poison and the trees, plants and algae that make our oxygen are all dead? What are you going to drink when the water is all diverted into manufacturing and industry?

What are you going to do when your children are starving? When they’re dying from toxins or thirst?

These times are coming. They’re here for most of the world already. We’re on the long slide to night. I see the extinction event is already in progress. The only question left for me is, after humans have killed themselves off, will there be anything left to start the beautiful dance of diversity and life over again?

Or is Mars going to find herself suddenly twinned?

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